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Drazkowski Holds State Contracts Hostage with Poison Pill

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa)

Rep. Steve Drazkowski introduced a bill (HF3585) on Tuesday that would repeal the authority of public sector unions in Minnesota to collect fair share fees. The bill mirrors the anti-worker motives behind the Supreme Court case Friedrichs v. CTA, but takes the attack on public workers even further.

Among a slew of harmful clauses, the bill includes language to prohibit wage or salary increases after contract expiration, forbid retroactive wage or salary increases and limit compensation for unused vacation time.

The Mazeppa Republican says he won’t ratify AFSCME’s state contract unless his colleagues at the Minnesota Legislature pass the new bill.

Rep. Drazkowski’s objective is clear: this bill is an effort to tear down working Minnesotans and their aspirations to build a better life – just like Scott Walker did in neighboring Wisconsin.

AFSCME state employees earn about $40,000 a year. They live paycheck to paycheck, just like everyone else. Minnesota operates on one of the leanest and most productive state workforces in the nation.

When public workers have a voice at the Capitol, Minnesotans do better. Kids are smarter, families are healthier and communities are safer because AFSCME workers make Minnesota happen.
Now, Rep. Drazkowski and his allies want to take away more than just the state contract. This poison pill bill is a direct attack on state workers’ right to have a voice on the job and collectively bargain so they can continue to provide quality services to the public.

Hardworking families in Minnesota deserve leaders who will fight for workers’ rights – not take them away.

AFSCME’s state negotiations team fought hard for the contract that Rep. Drazkowski is now holding hostage.


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